How Does the IRS Contact Taxpayers?

Oct 19, 2021


In our experience a letter from the IRS is sent to the taxpayer.  The IRS is not likely to initiate contact by email, nor does it send text messages or contact through social media channels.

Depending on the situation and if you have ignored the letters from the IRS, an IRS employee may first call or come out for a visit. In some instances, a letter of notice is provided, but not always. 

IRS works to educate you about options to resolve delinquencies and to collect delinquent taxes and tax returns, while protecting your rights. 

The IRS has revenue officers that routinely make unannounced visits to a taxpayer’s home or place of business.  They may discuss taxes owed, delinquent tax returns or a business falling behind on payroll tax deposits, depending on your situation. Payment request of taxes owed maybe asked; however, payment will never be requested to a source other than the US Treasury.

If an IRS representatives shows up always ask for credentials.  Two forms of official credentials should be provided: a pocket commission and a Personal Identity Verification Credential (PIV).

Additional information can be found on the IRS website.